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We offer a range of classes including but not
limited to Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian
Jiu Jitzu, Muay Thai and Bootcamp. 


Muay Thai / Kick­box­ing

A mix of high car­dio, core strength and tech­nique, these classes incor­po­rate west­ern kick­box­ing and Asian Muay Thai which use kicks, punches, knees and elbow com­bi­na­tions, with some grap­pling and light spar­ring with a strong focus on good tech­nique and dis­ci­pline. Classes are suit­able for all expe­ri­ence levels.

KIDS Muay Thai

Muay Thai, one of the world’s most pop­u­lar mar­tial arts! It could also be what your child needs to build con­fi­dence and stand against bul­lies at school and at other social places. Your child gets con­fi­dence, dis­ci­pline, focus, men­tal strength and much more.

DMD’s MMA Kids pro­gram is based on a prin­ci­ple that bul­ly­ing and vio­lence can be han­dled through non-iolent tech­niques. Your child will gain the con­fi­dence needed to take con­trol of his/er life and con­front bul­lies in proven and safe man­ner. Muay Thai train­ing pro­grams also aid your kid to develop cru­cial val­ues and char­ac­ter traits.

Classes taught by DMD’s very own Founder David D’Aversa, with well over 20 years expe­ri­ence and many titles to his name, you can be rest assured that your child is learn­ing from one of the best. Respected, approach­able and loves to make train­ing fun!

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Tra­di­tional, west­ern box­ing tech­nique incor­po­rated with car­dio and core strength. Great for fit­ness, fun and suit­able for any age and expe­ri­ence level.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu places emphasis on effective leverage and technique over brute strength. It is in essence a grappling style, which is highly effective due to its use of ground grappling submission techniques such as chokes and joint locks. Suitable for most ages and abilities.

Here at DMD’s MMA the BJJ classes are taught by Professor Marcel Leteri Sasso de Oliveira, a 3rd degree black belt, very humble and approachable Jiu Jitsu Coach, Referee and Competitor.

-           2018 - #1 Ranked Black Belt Master Open Weight in Australia,

-           AFBJJ Australian National Champion,

-           AFBJJ Victorian Champion,

-           IBJJF Black Belt Master European Champion,

-           IBJJF Black Belt Master European No-Gi Champion,

-           IBJJF Black Belt Master Pan Pacific Champion,

-           IBJJF Black Belt Master Pan Pacific No-Gi Champion,

-           UWW Grappling World Champion,

-           UWW Grappling European Champion,

-           10 x Italian National Grappling Champion, and more.

All levels are more than welcome to come in and meet the team prior to signing up, also enjoy a FREE lesson on us!

KIDS Brazil­ian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is beneficial to children for many reasons. Children can learn great problem solving skills while also becoming more disciplined individuals, it can also help counteract childhood obesity. Children can meet lifelong friends while also learning to defend themselves and prevent altercations all together.

Here at DMD’s MMA, the BJJ Kids classes are taught by Professor Marcel Leteri Sasso de Oliveira, a 3rd degree black belt and personal trainer; and his assistant coach Laura Tang who is currently a purple belt and in her final year of a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Together, they conduct a kid’s program that not only teaches the children sport specific skills, but is also designed to raise their fitness and strength levels.

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Cave­man Bootcamp

These boot­camp style classes are avail­able Mon­day, Wednes­day and Fri­day morn­ings from 6-am. They incor­po­rate core strength and car­dio activ­i­ties, such as tyre-lip, sledge ham­mers, sled-ulls, cycling, box jumps, hard car­dio, sprints, inter­val train­ing and more.

Personal training


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Womens Only Classes

This ladies class focuses on a good car­dio work­out incor­po­rat­ing core strength and some kick­box­ing tech­nique. High level car­dio gets the heart pump­ing, great for los­ing weight, ton­ing up, fun, fit­ness and confidence.

DMD’s MMA is diverse and caters to every­one, so if you are con­ser­v­a­tive, a lit­tle body con­scious or have reli­gious laws/alues, please feel as ease and com­fort­able in our sep­a­rate train­ing room which is private.